Company profile

Company name 
Entertainment Bowl Co., Ltd.
Aishi Hirayama,President
3F, 5-17-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012
March 25, 1994
20,000,000 yen

Business Outline

• Planning and production of ceremonies and conventions
• Planning and production of events and promotional campaigns
• Planning and production of expos and exhibitions
• Planning and production of event space media
• Corporate identity and design production
• Planning and production of promotional videos
• Planning and production of commercial facilities development
• Planning, design and implementation of a variety of marketing surveys
• Planning and production of various brands and products

Company History

 Entertainment Bowl are renowned experts in commercial facility development and advertising promotion who leverage their long-developed mastery to produce “marketing that leaves a profound impression” in ways that capture imagination and “create business opportunities from memorable impressions.”
As a practical application and validation of these concepts, Entertainment Bowl launched the “London Cabaret Mechanical Theatre” in Otaru, Hokkaido in March 1994, drawing on the know-how and network the company built up over the years.At that same time, “Entertainment Bowl Co., Ltd.” was also established as a parent company. Taking its headquarters relocation as an opportune time, in November 1996 the company launched into full-scale production and design operations, which has continued to today.


■ 2000
・International Illumination Design Award  “Umihotaru branding”
■ 2014
・Silver prize for Yahoo! Japan Internet Creative Awards 2014  “HAKO VISION” for Tokyo Michiterasu
・Excellence Award for CS Design Awards  “STARLIGHT WALK” for Tokyo Michiterasu
■ 2017
・First Prize for the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in the 3rd JACE Event Awards
 “Nihonbashi Sakura Festival”
・1st Retail Promotion Award  “Mystery Solving Mission” at Tokyo Hands

Licenses and Registration

First Class Registered Architects Office, registered by the Tokyo Governor’s Office , No.52245
Special Construction Industry License, authorized by the Tokyo Governor’s Office, (Special-29) No.114861
PrivacyMark Registration Number, No.17001563 (03)